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Aquamac Weather Seals

Aquamac weather seals are a new and specially designed weather seal, manufactured through a unique process that has been used for almost 50 years.

These seals are durable, UV resistant polyethylene cladding bonded to resilient urethane foam, specifically designed and developed for many varied uses.

They provide one of the widest ranges of seals available, all of which offer an outstanding seal against air and water infiltration. They can be bought in singles or doubles to fit your needs and are made to help protect your property from the elements, with some suitable for both windows and doors.

We at CTS stock a range of four of the best Aquamac weather seals, all with a specifically designed area of use, allowing you to be sure that you are getting the product that you need. All these products boast many desirable features: paint, stain and cleaning solvent resistant, no shrink back and are unaffected by rot, fungus, ozone and much more. With such durable products why settle for anything less?