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Sia 1960 Velcro Strips


Sia 1960 Velcro Strips 70mm x 125mm (100) 100g-400g


High Quality Alox abrasive grain used highly in the woodworking, boatbuilding, automotive industries.
Great results on Soft Wood, Hard Wood, Resinous Wood, Wood Based Materials, Glass Fibre, Solid Surfaces, Thermo-Plastics
Primer Laquers, Fillers, Paints, Old Varnish


Suitable for a universal and wide range of applications
For manual hand use or machine use
Can be cut to any desired dimensions
Low clogging
High removal rate


Keying and sanding off varnish and paint
Sanding of solid wood and veneer
Keying and fine sanding of primer and filler
Sanding after wetting the wood surface
Intermediate sanding of varnish on surfaces and curves

Sold in 100's

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