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Sia 9214 Standard Foam Pads


Sia 9214 Standard Foam Pads (100)


Dimensions: 97 mm x 120 mm x 12 mm (WxLxD)
Coating: 2-sided
Grit: aluminium oxide / blue fired
Grit range: coarse, medium, fine, super fine
Backing material: PU foam (polyurethane), solvent-free
Foam hardness: extra soft, for maximum adaptability


Perfect surface results, thanks to pressure-distributing foam
No sanding-through of varnish intermediate sanding due to excessive compressive force
Perfect adaptation to the workpiece
Can be used wet or dry
Little tendency to clog


Paint and filler
Keying of bases before painting
Keying of paint and filler on surfaces and profiles
Intermediate sanding of paint coats before the next coat

Wood sanding before varnishing
Intermediate varnish sanding on curves, flats and profile rods
Sanding out minor varnish errors
Fine wood sanding after washing

Sold in 100's

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